Dr. Giselle Roedel, DPT

Giselle has been a physical therapist since 2003 and began her pelvic health specialization journey in 2005.  She takes a holistic view of patients and their care.  Giselle’s treatment approach to your pelvic health care can include myofascial, joint and visceral mobilization; movement education for strengthening and stretching; and guidance on general health, wellbeing and nutrition.  Giselle strives to work with patients to help them achieve their desired level of function in all aspects of life.  She considers herself a lifelong learner and seeks out new information, resources and courses that she hopes will help provide a high standard of care for patients with pelvic floor physical therapy needs.

Outside of work, you can find Giselle enjoying some travel, being in nature, strolling along on a walk, or participating in quality family time.  A good puzzle might also be on her agenda.