Yoga for the Pelvic Floor Series Starts Jan. 22, 2015

The next Yoga for the Pelvic Floor Series starts Thursday, January 23rd  at 7:00 p.m. taught by our own PT, Judy Abel.  The series runs for five consecutive weeks and will be informative about the anatomy and issues of the pelvic floor and yoga asanas (poses) that can strengthen and normalize the tone of the musculature to reduce pelvic floor symptoms such as incontinence, weakness, prolapse and pain.  You can register online at Eugene Yoga or call them at 541.520.8771.  This class is considered gentle although it is good to be able to get up from and down to the floor, no yoga experience necessary to register.  Contact Judy at with questions.Judy Abel, PT, is a Physical Therapist and co-owner of Pelvic Wellness Center in Eugene, OR and Salem, OR.